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The science behind cheese

So many Australian’s love and consume cheese. This is partly

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Coriander – why do some people love it while others hate it?

A recent survey conducted by Deliveroo showed the divide of

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Fat is an Alimentary taste

The role of the sense of taste is to act

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The effect of diet and genes on fat taste

  CASS has been a pioneer for the research of

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Sustainable eating is healthy for us and the planet, and saves money too

Researchers have debunked the myth that healthy eating is costly

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The race to redesign sugar reduction

  CASS staff recently had the opportunity to be involved

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How to cook chicken safely

Professor Russell Keast discusses how to cook chicken safely with

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Fluffy or sticky? Deakin research determines the ‘perfect’ rice method

With Australians stocking-up on pantry essentials, including rice, a timely

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Just the taste of fat can make you feel full without eating

New Deakin research has found a possible appetite suppression dynamic

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The new science between the role of texture and fussy eaters

Ever wondered what makes children fussy eaters? Dr Georgie Russell

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Hate coriander? Here’s the scientific reason why.

When it comes to foods, is there anything more polarising

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