ARC Training Centre for Hyphenated Analytical Separation Technologies (HyTECH)


The toughest analytical science challenges typically require advanced analytical technologies to acquire the desired solutions. In the field of separation science this inevitably involves hyphenated separation technologies, specifically the combination of chromatography and mass spectrometry.

To advance this technology to its full capability our ARC Training Centre for Hyphenated Analytical Separation Technologies (HyTECH) utilises the collaborative strength of academic, industry and end-user partnerships.

We are seeking outstanding graduates with an interest in solving fundamental and technical challenges in analytical science, with a focus on delivering analytical solutions and impact to technology end-users. HyTECH students will receive a competitive post-graduate stipend, contribute to a program of cutting-edge industry focused research, be supported with a substantial annual program of early career researcher professional development, and over the course of their candidature spend a minimum of twelve months placement in industry where they will develop their research-specific skills, more general professional skills and professional networks.

HyTECH is an industrial transformation training centre (ITTC) that will support 1 post-doctoral fellows and 5 PhD students at Deakin University. Competitive PhD scholarships will be available to both national and international applicants to be based at the University of Tasmania, Deakin University or The University of Queensland. ITTCs aim to strengthen the relationships and capabilities of academia, industry and end-users.

HyTECH is in partnership with the University of Tasmania and University of Queensland.

For more information, visit the HyTECH website here.

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