The CASS-Academy is a niche elite program for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nutrition Science or Bachelor of Food Science.

Students who take part in the CASS-Academy program are provided with hands-on training alongside academic experts and other industry professionals. After the 12-week program, students will have gained skills, experiences and industry and academic insights into the area of sensory science.
The 12-week program spans Trimester 1 and Trimester 2, usually from April until September. There are three rotations, which each run across four consecutive weeks.



Skills and knowledge you’ll gain

Students will learn how to:
  • apply basic and advanced sensory methodologies useful in industry and research
  • critically analyse scientific papers in the areas of consumer, analytical, safety and sensory science
  • understand basic consumer, analytical, safety and sensory methodologies
  • understand basic data analysis



Applications for CASS-Academy 2021 are now closed.


In each rotation, students will be taught and mentored by our academic experts on how to conduct and execute various research methodologies, analyse data, and write and present reports.
After the last week of each rotation, students will present their experiences and project findings to the CASS research group with an oral presentation and submission of a short written report
The successful completion of each rotation will be marked with a badge on students’ program graduate certificate.
The following provides an outline of a rotation:
  • Week 1: Training or journal article analysis on rotation topic
  • Week 2: Practical data collection (laboratory or in-field)
  • Week 3: Data analysis and evaluation using industry-standard techniques and analysis software
  • Week 4: Presentation compilation
  • Presentation: Rotation presentation to be presented to the CASS department on the Tuesday following the end of week 4.


  • Any third-year Deakin student currently studying the Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences or Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in food studies or nutrition is eligible to apply (including double degrees).
  • A WAM score of 65 or above is advised.
  • Please note that the CASS-Academy program is a Faculty of Health-approved program, but it’s not a Deakin-approved course unit.


With the number of graduates in the area of food and nutrition increasing, there is fierce competition for graduate job positions. Employers are now placing a greater emphasis on what additional skills and experience graduates have obtained aside from their formal university education.
As part of the CASS-Academy you’ll:
  • develop highly sought after industry skills, experiences and networking¬†opportunities
  • have hands-on experience within the Deakin CASS state-of-the-art food science research laboratories
  • have the opportunity to co-write and contribute to research papers intended for publishing
  • coordinate and conduct an in the field consumer science test
  • tour a food industry manufacturing and R&D site. Conditional acceptance into the sensory honours program for 2022*
  • receive a certificate of program completion and a letter of recommendation.

CASS is always looking for industry partners to be involved with the CASS-Academy program.

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