About Us

Our research focuses broadly on foods and the consumer and how understanding both can improve the sustainability and health of the food supply and population. We welcome industry partners and the opportunity to work on commercially orientated short- or long-term projects.

Our vision

CASS’s vision is to make sustainable and healthier foods the preferred choice of consumers.
Our objective is to identify and train students who show an interest in consumer, sensory, safety and flavour science and provide them with the opportunity to participate in different areas of industry-relevant research.


Our mission

CASS’s mission is to conduct the highest-quality consumer, sensory, safety and flavour research.
Our team works towards collaborating widely with the Australian food industry and government, as well as educating the next generation of food scientists.

Working with industry

As an industry partner, your organisation will have access to one of Australia’s leading centres in sensory, consumer, safety and flavour science. We have state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled experts with over 50 years of combined experience across a variety of research areas.
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