Working with industry

As an industry partner, your organisation will have access to one of Australia’s leading centres and experts in sensory, consumer, safety and flavour science.


Gain actionable and reliable data to confidently support business decisions

At CASS, our research focuses broadly on foods and the consumer and how understanding both can improve the sustainability and health of the food supply and population. We welcome industry partners and the opportunity to work on commercially orientated short- or long-term projects with you.

As an industry partner, your organisation will have access to one of Australia’s leading centres in sensory, consumer, safety and flavour science. We have state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled experts with over 50 years of combined experience across a variety of research areas.

The CASS team will work with you to determine your project objectives, testing details and deliverables all whilst using the best of traditional and novel methodology for the question at hand. Our approach to reach your ideal solution will be customised to suit your needs. As we know each concept, product, and/or consumer segment is unique and isn’t always a case of one-size-fits all. Analysing your data, our team will generate actionable steps for you to take with clear recommendations to support business decision making resulting in a data-driven, confident outcomes.


Partnership agreements

Our partnership agreements span a continuum from full collaboration to full consultancy. Contact us to discuss what partnership option would best suit your organisation.
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Full collaboration

Where all data is shared and publishable

Full collaborative research projects aim to address an issue of significance to both groups. The fee is less than with full consultancy, and complimentary funds may also be sought from a research agency or government body to support the research. The aim is for the research outcomes to impact positively on the industry partner’s operations while simultaneously contributing to the University’s research reputation through publication. Intellectual property contracts will be determined before project commencement.


Full consultancy

Where all data and intellectual property is owned by the industry partner

Full consultancy research projects are when CASS experts are contracted to an external industry party for a commercial fee. For example, our industry partner may need access to our large consumer panel to determine a product reformulation or potential market success. Other projects may include sensory or flavour training programs, or data analysis and advice. Any intellectual property developed belongs to the industry partner.