Product Development

Designing healthy and sustainable food is our focus.

Addressing consumer demand for healthy and sustainable foods, CASS expertise focuses on designing such food products while maintaining consumer acceptance.

Our product concepts are in line with recent consumer trends and needs. In our laboratory, we study the use of natural and sustainable ingredients in reformulation of existing products to reduce energy density of foods. We have expertise in designing dairy, cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetable based products.


Use our expertise in the following areas of product development to meet consumer demand while maintaining consumer acceptance.

Salt, sugar and fat are three of the most problematic nutrients in the food supply, with over-consumption of each responsible for numerous pathologies. They’re also key ingredients in foods that modify food preference.

With our expertise in the application of novel ingredients and optimisation techniques (Response surface methodology) in new product development, we can understanding how we perceive salt and sugar (as well as other ‘non-traditional’ tastes), and how we can decrease levels in foods without adversely affecting consumer enjoyment.

Plant based proteins are in high demand. Based on our expertise in new and alternative sources, and processing technologies, we can provide scientific knowledge in developing high-quality protein alternatives with acceptable sensory profiles.​

At CASS, we have freeze drying facilities to create premium quality, dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snack alternatives.​

Modified atmospheric packaging technology has been widely used in the food industry for shelf-life extension of foods. Our gas packaging and analytical facilities, provide opportunities for shelf-life extension of novel products.​

Publication highlights

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Effect of sorghum flour addition on in vitro starch digestibility, cooking quality and consumer acceptability of durum wheat pasta

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(2014), Vol. 79, pp. 1560-1567, Journal of food science, Hoboken, NJ, C1

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Fat replacers in baked food products

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Inulin and maltodextrin can replace fat in baked savoury legume snacks

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(2015), Vol. 50, pp. 2297-2305, International journal of food science and technology, Chichester, Eng., C1

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Microbial, physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of mango juice-enriched probiotic dairy drinks

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(2020), Vol. 73, pp. 182-190, International journal of dairy technology, Chichester, Eng., C1

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