Appetite and Sensory Analysis of Lupin Protein

Recruitment opening March 2024

Aim of study

The study will assess the acute appetitive effects of lupin protein in a protein-enriched oat milk product. It will also evaluate the sensory characteristics of the product.


Why you we researching this

Plant-based proteins are becoming more favourable as their production has less impact on the environment than from livestock. Lupin is a plant-based protein that can be grown using sustainable, regenerative farming practices. However, the effect of lupin proteins on appetite is not widely researched. Also, the sensory properties (i.e., taste, flavour, and acceptability) of lupin protein in a plant-based milk has not been investigated. This study will assess the effect of adding lupin protein on appetitive and sensory properties of oat milk.


Eligibility and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteria

  • 18-65 years old
  • Fluent in English

Exclusion criteria

  • People who smoke cigarettes or vapes
  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Allergic to oat or lupin
  • Medical or health conditions that affect eating behaviour (e.g., diabetes, Crohn’s disease)

Key points for participants

Each appointment will be scheduled 1 week apart (e.g., if your first session is Tuesday 9am, then your next session will be the following Tuesday 9am).


Participation in this study involves:

  • Fasting overnight prior to each appointment (from 10pm onward).
  • Consume a breakfast beverage containing 500 mL of oat milk at each appointment.
  • Complete five questionnaires about your appetite per appointment. These questionnaires will be administered immediately before and after consuming the oat milk (completed in the lab), and then once every hour for the next 3 hours (completed online via your phone or PC).
  • Keep a record of your diet on the day of your appointments.



$40 Woolworths voucher upon completion of the study.

Contact details of the study coordinator 

Dr Andrew Costanzo



Approved ethics number