Detecting adulteration in Galaxy hop oil

Analytical research - participant involvement not required

Aim of the study

To use Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and Flame-ionisation (GC-FID) to develop a fingerprint for Galaxy hop oil and use changes in the fingerprint to detect the presence of adulteration.

This study is being conducted as part of the Honours thesis of Kevin Ghavalas.


Why we are researching this

Adulteration is a big problem in many food industries, affecting consumers and producers. In addition, adulteration often affects products popular with consumers, such as meat and wine. Hop oil is used to make the flavour of different beers, and hop oils with unique flavours are becoming more popular in craft and microbreweries. However, there is not much research on detecting adulteration of these hop oils. I am looking into developing a method to detect adulteration of hop oils, allowing future researchers and industry professionals to detect adulteration for themselves.


Contact details

Kevin Ghavalas, CASS Honours student