Dr Shirani Gamlath

Lecturer in food processing and product development

Dr Shirani Gamlath’s research focusses on the use of functional/healthy ingredients in sustainable product design and application of novel technologies such as food extrusion and high-pressure processing to retain nutritional and bioactive components in foods. ​

Dr Gamlath’s research expertise is in Food processing and product development, in particular application of extrusion technology in designing healthy snacks .Her current research projects include fat and sugar reduction in foods and development of plant-based protein alternatives.​

Dr Gamlath completed her PhD in Cranfield University, UK. She has worked in Federation University before joining Deakin University in 2008. She has worked in collaboration project with CSIRO (High pressure processing), Werribee, Melbourne University and Massey University, New Zealand (extrusion processing).​


Publication History​

  • ​Mahato, D. K., Oliver, P., Keast, R., Liem, D. G., Russell, C. G., Mohebbi, M.,Cicerale, S., Mahmud, M. C., & Gamlath, S. Identifying ideal product composition of chocolate-flavored milk using preference mapping. J Food Sci. 2021;1–14.
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  • Colla K, Costanzo A, Gamlath S (2018) Fat replacers in baked food products ​Foods 7(12):1-12. ​
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  • Perera N, Gamage TV, Wakeling L, Gamlath GGS, Versteeg C (2010) Colour and texture of apples high pressure processed in pineapple juice, Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 11(1):39-46 01 ​
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Skills and Research area

Food Processing, Product design, Food analysis (physical measurements including instrumental texture profile)​