Associate Professor Gie Liem

Associate Professor, Consumer Insights

Gie Liem has worked in the area of sensory and consumer research for the past 16 years. He has worked in food industry as well as academia in the USA, the Netherlands and Australia and specialises in sensory marketing and food choice of children ​

Gie is an associate professor at Deakin University and researcher in the CASS Food Research Centre specialised in sensory and consumer science. He obtained a PhD from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and the Monell Chemical Sense Center in Philadelphia USA in 2004.  Gie worked for both food industry (Sensory and consumer research at Unilever RD the Netherlands) as well academia, which enables him to translate academic knowledge in practical industry focused solutions.  ​

​Gie is internationally recognized for his sensory and consumer work as evidenced by memberships of international conference organising committees and editorial memberships of leading journals such Food Quality and Preference, and Sustainability. He published over 50 papers in the area of sensory and consumer science with a special focus on infants and children’s taste perception and development and sensory marketing. In addition he has been part of the group of experts who advised policy guidelines with regards to infants and children’s vegetable consumption.  ​



Skills and Research area

Sensory evaluation methodology, sensory marketing​