Kristina Brenner

PhD Candidate

Kristina is a PhD candidate investigating consumer food desire and choices in immersive virtual settings. She hopes her research will contribute to understanding about the complex influence of food environments, food cues and emerging technologies on consumer eating behaviour.

Kristina began University at age 16. She has qualifications in psychology, marketing, public health and indigenous health. Kristina received the University of Liverpool’s Management School Dissertation of the Year Award for her Masters in Global Consumer Marketing thesis on evidence-based methods of new service development in women’s community health. She also received the University of Sydney’s Ian Langham Prize for studies in the History and Philosophy of Science.

Kristina has extensive experience in business management and new service development in the health and community sector, with a particular interest in the social determinants of health. At 21, she was the youngest Councillor to be Ministerially appointed to a NSW Health, Area Health Advisory Council.

When she’s not busy making a terrible mess of her kitchen, Kristina is probably tilting at a Texas Hold’Em game somewhere.


Research areas and skills

Virtual reality; food environments; sensory science; neurogastronomy; consumer marketing; public health.